Doing what I love the most, empowering women to break down the barriers of the past and push forward towards a bright future.

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A Little About Me

I am a Leadership Development Advisor, Time Management/Productivity Strategist, and Personal Development Life Empowerment Coach who focuses on developing a culture of collaboration, effective communication, and coaching leaders to achieve success both personally and professionally.

Being in Leader for +15 years I’ve developed the skills of effective communication, critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, and flexibility. I’ve worked in productivity management by organizing, prioritizing and helping to save and change lives every day. I've lead and built successful teams and lead the event planning for a non-profit organization. I enjoy empowering professionals because it provides that sense of urgency to save lives as I’ve done for years in my career.

I have experience in:
>Managing and facilitating multiple personnel with varying responsibilities
>Managing multiple service based projects
>Creating action plans
>Evaluating and assessing clients needs and create action plans accordingly

My area of specialty is in assisting executives and upper management to learn how to lead through a collaborative and communication based approach by teaching them to learn to "listen" not just hear what their employees, staff and team members needs are and able to do. Giving them the ability to facilitate a culture of mutual opportunities to open dialogue and proactive problem solving. 

My mission is to educate professionals who are passionate about the success and development of their business. I'm excited to dive deeper into your talents and skills so you can finally become the executive leader you desire to be.

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