"Robin Wiggins is a phenomenal woman, passionate leader, and a powerful speaker who is committed to assisting Leaders to increase their value by becoming productive and unstuck in pursing their passion by using the unique ability to encourage, strengthen, and admonish others to reach their highest potential.

Robin presents at a variety of events, shows and conventions on suggested topics, including but not limited to, high performance for professional development, life empowerment, leadership, community service and more."


Training Solutions


The I.N.C. in Leadership-

This talk is designed to educate executive and upper management leaders, those on a professional career path, and entrepreneurs by emphasizing leadership development, professional growth and personal empowerment to maximize their strengths and abilities to build a foundation for long lasting success. We will discuss:

  1. Keys to build relationships through commitment, integrity and trust
  2. Developing and Mentoring your team to effectively execute business strategies
  3. Increase the value of your organization by confidently pursing the roles and responsibilities of your work and in business
  4. How to build a strong foundation by knowing yourself first and your SWOT analysis
  5. Discover how to shift your mindset, hone your emotional breaking point and boost productivity


The Foundation of 2044-

To me motivated is simply not enough in todays society. It takes the bravery of that one soul who dedicates their life to become someone greater than they can ever imagine. It takes tenacity to commit to seeing to the end a great accomplishment. Though tines may get hard, we have to lean on what's already within us to see it through. These five principles of personal development is exactly what we need to get into action and see our dreams into a reality:

  1. Passion
  2. Purpose
  3. Power
  4. Planning
  5. Productivity

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