Perfection is not to be perfect

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”? Welp! I don’t have chestnuts nor a fire BUT I do have some trail mix and heat in my house. HUNNY!! Don’t let the small stuff keep you from your big dreams. Perfection is not to be perfect. Use what you have to get to where you want to go because what you have is enough!!! You are ENOUGH!! Have a great day!!??? #WorthyOfWealth

Manifesting your greatness

Great Day to you all! There’s something about that light above me that I absolutely love?.
Hey Hey Y’all! So what are you manifesting today?!!! Man as we get closer to Thanksgiving and I realize how much greens I have to fix, I realize how thankful I am for my family. See, my parents started this tradition long ago for us to get together and though we don’t get together often it’s always a lot of fun times. Me being a single mother at times I don’t get to spend the holidays with my children so I do cherish every moment I get with my family. What I will manifest today is that we (EVERYONE associated with me and my children) will all one day get together under my roof and won’t have to cook a thing!!! Just have fun, games, talks, jokes, reminiscing, and good times to share. That day is coming soon. #IDecreeAndDeclare In Jesus Name. Amen. Y’all have a blessed day??? #WorthyOfWealth #MKBEAUTY #IAMBETTER #IAMWorthy #IAMPROSPERITY #IAMSUCCESS #ELEVATION #7DaysoOfGrace