“The Next Big Thing”

Words are I powerful. So invigorating. They can amp you up to believe tomorrow you’ll be the next Superstar. The next Bishop. The next President. But so you BELIEVE in those things enough to truly stay committed. Your personal life will never be the same. Your professional life will never be the same. Friendships will change. Family will talk. But are you willing to stand your ground and be committed to being “The Next Big Thing”. Is your vision and dreams big enough to change other people’s lives. Are you committed to do so. Never allow other people’s visions of you change your course to destiny. It is up to you to be committed to your commitments. Stick with me. Watch me grow. I believe in the Bamboo tree. #WorthyOfWealth #IAmWorthy

How true is this!!!

How true is this!!! Especially in my industry of direct sales. People don’t see what you see if all they see is a lie. BUT their perception is the lie. How many times have we said the Enemy is a lie? How many times have someone close to you tried to talk you out of something that’s passionate to you. See, I’m passionate about helping people live more healthy and wealthy lives, but their perception will determine the outcome. If you’re small minded you can’t see making 2 MILLION in two years like my Mentor. But I can see it clearly!!! Don’t be so small minded. And if you’re a visionary or a big thinker PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!!!

You are being prepared

It’s Friday y’all the day to naturally be glad. But as you begin to give thanks for a day to come, show thanksgiving for a day to remember. Do something nice for someone TODAY. Do something special for a loved one. Go outside and take a walk!! If nothing else listen to a sermon or a speech that will inspire you to do better. No matter what you’re going to do today remember you’re being prepared for what’s already done. #WorthyOfWealth #IAmWorthy

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!

And so is my determination. I will not allow someone else’s dream stand in the way of my path. Even if people have your best interests in mind, you have to keep your best interests at heart. I refuse to lose. I refuse to give up. You can be mad. You can separate yourself because you feel I have other things on my plate. You can talk about me. You may even joke me because of my struggles. I saw one of my co-workers talk about my shoes but she don’t know my story. She don’t know that I wear the same pair of shoes so that my daughter can wear multiple pairs of shoes to school. People don’t know I keep my Goldie so that my son can one day have Goldie. But it’s these things here (books, knowledge, learning, scripture) that keep me humble and together. My destiny is so bright. My path may not be so straight but one thing I love is a good challenge. Being in that obstacle course I guarantee you I’ll finish.

I am Thankful and Grateful and I will live the fullness of life and all God has for me.
#WorthyOfWealth #IAmWorthy