• "CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise and fired for the lack of emotional intelligence."~Daniel Goleman

    My mission is to teach strategic leadership principles and empowerment techniques to those looking to bridge the gap between education and the expectations of the real world. To educate professionals on the importance of beating mental barriers, building confidence, and duplicating their success by leading others to do the same.

  • Hello, I'm Robin.

    Strategy Consultant who focuses on developing a culture of collaboration, effective communication, and coaching leaders to achieve success both personally and professionally.


    I have experience in:

    >Managing and facilitating multiple personnel with varying responsibilities

    >Managing multiple service based projects

    >Creating action plans

    >Evaluating and assessing clients needs and create action plans accordingly

    My area of specialty is in assisting executives and upper management to learn how to lead through a collaborative and communication-based approach by teaching them to learn to "listen" not just hear what their employees, staff, and team members needs are and able to do. Giving them the ability to facilitate a culture of mutual opportunities to open dialogue and proactive problem-solving.

    What makes me different is that I have developed the skill of effective communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and attention to detail. Having an exclusive way of determining the root cause of an issue an accurately solve the problem.

    I do this by coaching and training through workshops, seminars, panel discussions, individual training sessions, and speaking engagements. Working with large corporations, small businesses, start-ups, non-profits, direct sales teams, churches, schools, and healthcare organizations.


    My mission is to educate professionals who are passionate about the success and development of their career business by developing their leadership skills so they can decrease turnover, increase employee/team retention, increase sales and revenue and build a more expanded market value through networking and collaborative relationships.


    I'm excited to dive deeper into your talents and skills so you can finally become the executive leader you desire to be.
    Let’s partner together to learn more and achieve the success you're seeking.

  • Speaking

    Speaking is the versatile language of man. To empower others in a way that can positively impact the world is how I express myself. My expertise in Leadership helps me to dig deep into peoples personalities and give them a word that will touch their hearts, educate their minds, and leave them with a sense of superiority when my time is complete. Connect with me to find out how I can best serve you and your community.


    Strategic Leadership Development is the process of bridging the gap between formal education and corporate expectations. Leaders today earn their knowledge through their training or titles. One thing I've learned is that it takes more than what's presented through these avenues to be a great leader. It takes effective communication, collaboration/team building, and comprehension to develop a leader. Let's bridge the gap and work together to build future leaders as they take on new roles and revolutionize your bottom line.


    Connecting with me one on one is to know that I have your future, your business, and your best interests at heart. Our time together will provide a process to help you discover your potential, identify your strengths, and give you resources that will enable you to leverage opportunities for advancement in your career and business.


    Writing gives me a sense of expression. As words take over our lives these days through social media, online magazines, the daily newspapers and so many ways to reach with the world, I take this opportunity to connect with you. Follow my articles as I share my voice on leadership, productivity, and personal development to enhance your future.


    Develop yourself first, before developing others... Live. Learn. Lead.

    Inspiration: The Foundation of 2044(TM)


    This inspirational series motivates and empowers persons on the ability to serve and lead with your heart. Creating the vision will give you a sense of where your past has brought you, where you are in the present, and how you can best serve the masses in the future. This intimate discussion is the insight you need to motivate you to obtain everything you deserve in life.


    Motivation is not enough in today’s society. It takes the bravery of that one soul who dedicates their life to become someone greater than they can ever imagine. Though times may get hard, we have to lean on what's already within us to see it through.

    Lifestyle: Power Evolution Intensive(TM)


    The Power Evolution Intensive(TM) is specially designed for but not limited to working entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, direct sales consultants, brick and mortar business owners and many more. To those who desire more in their lives and need a more efficient way of pursuing their dreams.

    This simple 7 step course shows you exactly where to get unstuck in your business and how to move forward each daily productively without feeling overwhelmed. You'll find this process easy and help you past the strongholds of procrastination, time management, emotional management, discipline, low self-confidence, and creativity.

    Leadership: The Bridge in Leadership(TM)


    There’s a shift from what is required in the workplace from being task oriented to a more collaborative effort, where leaders are not only an expert in one area but they must also be able to build their teams as well. So, leadership development must change to maximize the time and results we’re spending on our teams. We do this so that it is more, cost effective, time efficient, and outcome focused.


    Leadership is a Life-Long Lesson of Learning

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    The best way to better your leadership skills is to gain confidence in your decision-making. As...
    In today's world, people are super busy. Time management, then, is practically crucial to...
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    Master Cellar, Direct Cellars Wine Club

    "I want to give a HUGE thank you to Coach Robin Wiggins. After our one on one session, I have a better understanding of what I need to do in the allotted tie I have each day to build my business. I found myself getting distracted and off my path lately, but she gave me some assignments to bring my goals back into focus. Thanks to her coaching, I have a better-defined sense of the type of people I need in my business and a schedule to follow to get things accomplished and still live a full life. "

    CEO PlanD Global Events

    "Robin Wiggins time management strategies and leadership training are second to none. Her "light" spirit makes learning fun! She is committed to the success of her clients and ensuring profitable outcomes. During a recent collaboration, the participants were mesmerized by her techniques that allowed individuals to lead by maximizing their time and live and organized life. It will not surprise me when I see Robin on the big stage teaching corporate America how to lead the way and make the most of their day."

    Founder and Owner at Healthy Curves Rock

    "Robin comes highly recommended as a stellar leader. I have had the opportunity to work with Robin as she led a major project. Her direction and team building skills are impeccable. She has a way of keeping the ball rolling and completing well. Also, Robin's infectious personality only adds to her stellar work ethic. "

    Transformational Speaker with the John Maxwell Team & High Achievement Coach

    "Robin possesses a unique approach to business. She is passionate about leadership and helping others become productive. I was apart of her leadership summit, and I watched her dedication and motivation during the entire project. She delivered above expectations, establishing empowering connections with participants and provided insights and advice based on sound principles and her wisdom.

    If you are looking for a coach or mentor Robin is highly capable of helping with transforming individuals lives or help teams/organizations meet their goals! "

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