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Let's get back to the basics

I had a conversation with a business partner who brought up a great point. Sometimes the things we think people need aren't really what they want. In business, it's on you to find the problem and provide a solution for your audience in the time and space they're in. Some may be ready for email marketing, and some may just need to start with the foundation of visualization. I know most of us want to feel like a "BOSS", but a real boss knows and understands the importance of who they are and where they are at the moment. So let's take a look at a few key principles to help us build this foundation.

Learn It

Why is it so important to have a general understanding of who we are and where we are in the present moment?

It takes more than just a click of like and a follow to be experienced in this world. Society would have us to believe the popcorn arrival to success is the only way to be rich in this world. It would also have us to think "if you post it they will come" It takes planning, preparation, and a heart of persistence to endure the blessings of success. It takes the second-mile man to go back to school or stay on a budget to be like no one else so that later he can live like no one else. No matter how long you've been in the industry, there's always more to learn.

Live It

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." – Helen Keller

Having the heart to teach and lead others takes character and integrity. It's putting you in someone else's shoes when you've already been there before. It's being honest even in the hardest moments in time. To live what you speak and live who you aspire to be, takes VISION. How do others see you when they agree to work with you? What attributes do you bring to their lives that can prepare them for success? We must live the thoughts we see for ourselves. Daily I visualize myself speaking in front of thousands of people without a microphone. Thinking that one day all of the technology will be completely shut down and I know that people will still need to hear a word from one powerful woman and that woman is me. Whatever the vision you have for your future, walk in those footsteps today.

Teach It

purpose ('pərpəs) ~ the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

The reason we as leaders need the foundation of these principles is to "be fruitful and multiply." Sure you probably thought that phrase was only for procreation, but it serves as the core principle in leadership. Let's just be honest, who doesn't want to be paid for their time, effort and energy.

Most of us would agree. How much easier would it be to teach someone to fish rather than go with them every time they're hungry. It's exhausting. My definition of greatness is to know that the person you've taught can effectively and efficiently execute the training you've shared. We must teach others what we've learned, how it's positively served us, and why it's important.

These are the foundation of what it takes to be a leader. Keep in mind. Moses leads over 2000 people to the red sea, but he couldn't do it alone. He had to learn the principles of truth. Live by those principles daily. Then teach it to a few good leaders so that everyone could get a chance to learn to live with those same principles. It's time to get back to the basics.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. If this article resonates with you in any way, reach out and leave a comment below. I want to hear your thoughts.
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